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NEXTGEN Football Academy is focused on our young Soccer players who are ready to become our Football future. 

We will be running a unique program within all our sessions like never seen in most academies.


Not only do we want your child to be the best soccer player he/she can be we also will provide the mental tools to do this!


NEXTGEN is with partnership with this fantastic program called "Your Daley Influence" Life Coaching with Angie Daley.  We will be working on these mindset mastery programs in sessions to help empower your child in a fun and exciting way.

We want to offer your child the tools to:

  • Give them confidence

  • Embrace uncertainty 

  • Self motivation

  • Positive mindset

  • Awareness of self and others

  • Leadership

  • Team Work

  • And many more!


These skills not only allow them to play there best soccer but learn skills they will carry on into adult life!

The goal of NEXTGEN Football Academy is to empower and develop your child into strong confident soccer players who will learn how to be resilient,engaged and determined learners.They will learn how to embrace being challenged, giving them the best possible opportunity to excel in their field of sport.

Our mission is to help keep the focus on team spirit, while giving them the up most opportunity to become great team players, focusing on fast and technically advanced soccer. Our training focuses on:



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